What is a Diamond's Cut?

There are three categories to conisder when determining the cut of a diamond: face-up appearance, design, and craftsmanship. We know that people value brightness, reflections of white light, and fire, flashes of color, in their diamonds. Prioritizing the face-up appearance and craftsmanship, comprised of polish and symmetry, over carat weight makes the Marc Quin diamonds superior than the rest.

Holding Diamond

What is a Triple Excellent Diamond?

A triple excellent diamond is a superior grade diamond that meets the excellent standard in precision of cut, polish, and symmetry. This allows for maximum light return giving our clients the diamond of their dreams.


Which Diamond Cut is the Best?

Every single diamond is unique—but all of our clients, whether they’re interested in a .25-carat or a 20-carat diamond, want as much vivacity as their budget permits. Even diamonds with little to no inclusions can look dull if they are cut too deep or shallow. This is why we believe cut is the most important factor of the 4Cs. We refuse to compromise on quality and all Marc Quin round brilliant engagement rings are set with superior triple excellent diamonds.

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