Diamond color

Diamond Color

What is Diamond Color?

Color is graded based on the absence or presence of color within the diamond. Naturally, most white diamonds have a yellow tint to them due to the presence of other chemical elements. Diamonds closer to "colorless" are rarer, causing them to be more valuable. The color scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).

Diamond Color Chart

Marc Quin only uses “colorless” and “near-colorless” range diamonds for our engagement rings. In other words, for engagement rings, Marc Quin only accepts D color diamonds, E color diamonds, F color diamonds, G color diamonds, H color diamonds and I color diamonds. Borderline diamond color classifications are automatically given the more conservative grade.




Near Colorless


Faint Yellow


Very Light Yellow


Light Yellow

The gemological standards in this section refer only to individually registered engagement diamonds set in certain ring styles.

Is Diamond Color Important?

Color plays an important role in the face-up appearance of your diamonds. Diamonds with a low color grade have a yellow tint rather than the desired white. Marc Quin prohibits the use of diamonds with noticeable fluorescence in our engagement rings due to their milky appearance in natural lighting.

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